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If the apartment is running out of electricity/internet or you're unable to use your phone, the apartments door can be opened with a 4 digit code-pin. The numbers are displayed around the cylinder.

The pin will be showed on your virtual key after failing to open it, if you are unable to find it the code please text or call us at +34 652555677.

Once you know your pin-code, please follow the next steps to open the door:


Start Spinning the cylinder either left or right, until a red light appears in the cylinder, do not stop spinning the cylinder at this point.


Stop the cylinder so that the first digit of the pin is at the top, aligned with the vertical axis of the gate. The cylinder will emit a sound that indicates that the digit have been dialed.


After the first number has been dialed, spin the cylinder and place the next number of your pin code at the top, and wait again for the sound. Repeat with the other two numbers of the pin code.


After the 4 digits have been dialed, the cylinder will emit a green light. To open the door, turn the knob left all the way and push the door.

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