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The legacy of

Josep Mª Sesplugues

The original idea of the Ho Group was to build one of the best hotels in the city of Barcelona; a 40-room luxury boutique hotel called HotelHo in a building of the 15th century, with some rooms enclosed by original Roman walls dated from 250 A.D. at the gothic quarter, near the Cathedral. The project gathered an amazing and passionate team of people; including Josep Maria Sesplugues, the developer of the project, Pablo Fdez-Valdés, the former director of Hotel Omm, and even the most awarded Chef in the world, Ferràn Adrià, despite the kitchen rights were later on given to the French Michelin-Starred Chef Pierre Gagnaire.

Josep Maria Sesplugues was a great businessman and individual. He had an innate ability to make business and establish connections with people, bringing together exceptional teams.


At a young age, his first business was to retail popular Spanish lozenges 'Juanolas' among his friends and acquaintances while in school. 


During his university years, he started a business consisting in selling medical magazines and scientific publications to medical students, soon gathering a small team of people that would work under his command.

At the end of his life he had established himself as an antiques merchant and real-estate developer. Despite he left this world, he left as well his inspiration and his way of doing things. He suddenly perished, but his original idea never died, instead, it has been continued by his two sons Miki and Román who seek to build the best boutique luxury homes in the city of Barcelona. 

This page is a loving tribute to his memory and his life​.

Original Photos of HotelHO

Apartaments Sant Sever.png
Apartaments Sant Sever - 1.png
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