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Terms and Conditions

HoHomes is a trading name of CB Germans Sesplugues Ros, with Tax Identification Card E66571019 and registered office at Consell de Cent, 366, 1-1, Barcelona, 08009, Spain (from now on, “we”, “us”, “our” or “HoHomes”).

References to “you”, “your”, “the Lessee” "the Tenant" or “the Client” in these terms means you, the customer booking accommodation and any other person in your group.



We operate a booking platform (online and via telephone) which enables users of our platform to book several properties (“each a Property”) we own for vacational purposes and additional travel services operated by third parties or ourselves, including but not limited to, tours, transfers, personal chef, personal shopper, spa, gym, luxury cars, events, and concierge, as well as stay enhancers such as daily cleaning services and welcome packs (“each a Travel Service”). We do not own or operate some of the Travel Services. When you search for Travel Services and make a booking on our platform, to those not operated by us, our service is only to obtain and provide information about those Travel Services, arrange for you to enter into a contract with the individual provider of the Travel Service in question (i.e., the "Service Provider"), and to agree payment terms between you and that Service Provider. We act as the agent or sub-agent of the Service Provider, except where we state to the contrary in these Terms and Conditions. The Service Provider will either be the principal supplier of the Travel Service, and therefore the party supplying the Travel Service to you, or the agent of the principal. When the Service Provider is acting as an agent, its role will be to enter you into a contract with the principal supplier of the Travel Service. The terms and conditions of the Service Provider will also apply to your booking. 

Your booking through us (either online or via telephone) is subject to these Terms and Conditions and, where the Travel Service is booked by us on the Service Provider’s website (and not by one of our third party suppliers), the terms of use of the website of the relevant Service Provider. Your booking is also subject to the specific booking conditions of the relevant Service Provider you have chosen to contract with. A list of these booking conditions and terms of use of the Service Providers can be found at the website of each provider. You must read all of these carefully and accept them in full prior to booking. The Service Provider’s terms and conditions (as well as any applicable International Conventions) may limit and/or exclude their liability to you. Copies of applicable conditions will be available to you prior to booking via the provider website, or on our own website if the service is provided by us.


To guarantee your booking, we ask you to pay the 50% of the amount for the rental period upfront in concept of pre-payment or reservation. Once the pre-payment has been received, a confirmation booking voucher will be issued for the dates of your reservation. We accept all common payment methods. We accept bank transfer, Paypal or Credit/Debit card (Mastercard, Visa and American Express).

The reservation gives the client the right to stay in the apartment booked during the rental dates issued in the booking confirmation voucher and access to the services booked through HoHomes, in accordance to the rules applying to those properties and/or services.


The Lessee declares that he/she has read the descriptions of the apartment and agrees with the conditions described and the services offered for the holiday accommodation he/she is renting. The Lessee will not have the right to claim any service that is not specified in the advertisement where the rental has been made, or that has not been previously booked through pre-payment.


The only people authorized to reside in the property during the rental period, are the people registered through the check-in form process, who, abiding to the Spanish Law INT/1922/2003, have provided a valid identification document (Passport or European National ID Card) and filled-in the traveller entry report form upon arrival. The maximum occupancy will be the one declared in the advertisement where the tenant has rented the accommodation, and the tenant or any of his/her co-travellers are not allowed without the express written permission of the owner to bring into the property any other additional guests to access total or partially the property during any time of their stay except than those declared upon the booking and/or traveller entry report.


Tenants will not be allowed in any case to have more than the number of people indicated to stay, reside, or sleep in the facilities. It will be essential to present the documentation of all guests for the delivery of the keys upon arrival.


The lease will begin at 3 p.m. on the date indicated as the check-in date and expires at 11 a.m. on the date indicated as the check-out.

The hours for check-in into the accommodation will be from 3:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m., unless otherwise agreed through written communication.

– Check-in from 3:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. will have no additional cost

– Check-in from 21:00 h – 00:00h will have an additional cost of € 30.

– Check-in from 00:00h – 02:00h will have an additional cost of € 50.

The maximum entry time is at 02:00 a.m., unless otherwise agreed through written communication.

– The maximum departure time from the accommodation will be at 11:00 a.m. Each hour of delay not confirmed in writing by HoHomes will be charged from the deposit at € 50 / hour, as this delay can involve in serious complications for servicing staff to get the apartment ready and on due time for the next guests.


The LESSEE undertakes to notify us of their approximate arrival time at least 7 days in advance, providing flight number to track the status of any delays or any other identifying number in case of travelling by boat or train.


The LESSEE undertakes to initiate the online check-in process indicated in the booking confirmation email or subsequent emails prior to arriving and checking in at the property, to fulfill with our obligation under Spanish Law to remit the guest documentation to the authorities.


On the day of arrival, the LESSEE will confirm to HoHomes one hour before arrival the exact time, once the airplane has landed (or boat docked/train reached destination) and guests are aiming to arrive to the property.


HoHomes will receive the LESSEE at the accommodation and will give him all the necessary instructions.


Essential for handing over the keys:

– Showing an official identification document for each person and, if the reservation has been paid by credit card, it is necessary that the person who paid with the card is present at the time of the check-in and for her or him to have the credit card physically next to his/her identity document.


– In case of not being able to physically check the card next to the corresponding identity document, the amount paid by the card not present will be returned and the LESSEE will have to make the full payment of the rent in cash or with another credit card physically available with a valid ID document. HoHomes will charge € 30 for credit card reprocessing  expenses and the LESSEE will not have the right of compensation for any discounts or fees related to any additional expenses from their bank incurred in the return and execution of the new payment.



The total price agreed that must be paid for the rental contract is the amount indicated upon reservation and visible in the Booking Confirmation Voucher. The LESSEE at the time of reservation will pay 50% for the reservation of the property (including deposit and cleaning) and the pending amount of 50% will be paid the same day upon arrival. HoHomes reserves the right of admission to the property if the due amount is not satisfied upon the day of arrival by a physically present credit or debit card that can be linked to a valid ID document (Passport or European National Identity Card). If the LESSEE does not make the payment upon arrival, HoHomes reserves the right to cancel the reservation without refund of the first payment.



The accommodation is rented free of charges and occupants. The LESSEE knows and accepts the surface, the circumstances, the use, the characteristics and the common and private services of the accommodation, and declares to receive the goods that are the object of this contract in perfect condition for the use detailed above. THE LESSEE undertakes to return the accommodation in the same conditions. Any breakage or obvious defect must be notified to HoHomes at the beginning of the rental agreement through written communication with photos.


The security deposit will be maintained against any damage caused to the property furniture and accessories existing in it (including common areas), disturbances caused to neighbors as well as for any unpaid invoice that must fall on the Tenants.

HoHomes will have up to 7 days to properly inspect and notify any damage found in the property after departure, and

A) if nothing has to be withhold from the deposit, the refund will be issued upon 7 days after this notification.

(HoHomes is not responsible for the time that the bank may take to make the return).

B) If the apartment is damaged after the stay, or any disturbances have been caused to the neighbors living in the same building, HoHomes will have up to 30 extra days after notification to further assess the damage and budget for the repair, compensation or replacement costs that need to be charged. Please note that if the deposit cannot cover for the incurred costs, corresponding legal action to claim the corresponding funds will be taken.

Deposit return method:

– If the LESSEE made the payment of the deposit by card, it will be returned to the same method.

– If the LESSEE made the payment of the deposit through bank transfer, it will be his/her responsibility to communicate his/her bank details, so that HoHomes can make the return.

– Returns in cash upon check-out will not be provided since a reasonable amount of time is required to inspect the whole property in search of possible damage.

Any damage caused to the building as a result of omissions, negligence or any other type of reason will be repaired in name of the owner or any third party designated by him at the expense of the LESSEE, who holds himself responsible for any person who caused it (registered or not registered in the entry form) as occurred during his/her stay.



The LESSEE commits to occupy the Property as his/her only or main vacational home and behave in a tenant-like manner, taking responsibility for his/her behaviour and/or that of any person within his/her travel group.





Take reasonable care of the Property and common parts within the Building.



Not assign, take a lodger, sublet, part with or give up to another person possession of the Property or any part of it without HoHomes’ written permission.



Not carry on in the property any commercial activity, including but not limited to, filming, photography, modelling, any kind of trade, profession or business, receive paying guests or register any business at the property or use the property for any purpose other than your private vacational residence. In case of using the property for filming or photography purposes without our written permission, legal action for intellectual property and commercial rights violation, or any other infringements will be taken.



It is totally forbidden to hold parties inside the accommodation or building, whether with the participation involves the existing travel group only, or external people brought into the property with or without consent. It is also totally prohibited to cause excessive noise in any way, shape or form including but not limited to, loud speaking or shouting (for noise directives please see “9.7.1 NOISE” section down below). Failure to comply with this clause leads to the immediate termination of the contract and expulsion from the property without any right to claim compensation for the loss of rental and/or the deposit.


It is totally forbidden to smoke tobacco or any other substance (including electronic cigarettes, shishas and vapes) in the Property. For the avoidance of doubt, nicotine staining is not considered to be fair wear and tear, and any residual smell found during in-stay or upon check-out will result in a fee for odour elimination retained from the deposit at the owner’s discretion.

In addition, it is strictly prohibited to smoke tobacco or any other substance (including electronic cigarettes and vapes) within the common parts of the Building.



You must not harass or act in an antisocial manner to, or pursue a course of antisocial conduct, or disturb any person in the building or neighborhood. The LESSEE will not allow the accommodation to be used for any immoral action or purposes that can damage the property or the reputation of the company, including any part of the common areas of the Building, and will not allow any act or thing to be done that may be a damage or cause nuisance or disturbance to any occupant of any adjacent or nearby property, specifically including, but not limited to, neighboring residents in the same building, apart from the owner, visitors, us, our agents and contractors, and pedestrians in the street.



Your noise must not trespass the walls and be heard by or disturb any other neighbors living in the same building. It will be considered a loud noise if it is creating a disturbance of at least 25 dB at any of the other neighbor’s adjacent properties.

This includes, but is not limited to,


– The use of televisions, portable audio speakers, CD players, digital media players, radios and musical instruments, DIY and power tools.


– Loud speaking or shouting inside the apartment or in common areas of the building, individually or in group. This can typically occur (although not necessarily) at night, in gatherings and party ambiances or celebrations inside the house, which, are not allowed.

– Noise detectors are installed inside the Property and HoHomes will be notified through a third-party company when noise is exceeding the maximum threshold for peaceful communal living in the Building. In case excessive noise is detected, € 200 will be charged from the deposit fee, and in case of a second disturbance, it will result in the immediate termination of the contract and expulsion from the property without any right to claim compensation for the rental and loss of the deposit.




–You commit to not consume, bring or possess any illegal substances inside the Property or its immediate premises.

–Use, sell, cultivate or supply unlawful drugs or sell alcohol.



– Display drunk or disorderly behaviour in the premises of the building.




– Allow any other person (including children or minors) to cause nuisance or annoyance to other residential people by failing to exercise reasonable control over them and take steps to prevent this




– Leave rubbish and recycling either in unauthorised places or at inappropriate times. All rubbish must be brought to the existing recycling points in the corners of the building block.



– Use or carry offensive weapons

– Store or bring onto the Building any type of firearm or firearm ammunition including any replica or decommissioned firearms.




– You must not harass, threaten or assault any other tenant, member of his/her household, visitors, neighbours, us, our family members or our employees or our Agent, or any other person or persons in the Building, or neighbourhood, for whatever reason.


Serious or repeated failure by the client to fulfil the conditions established above gives HoHomes the right to require that the apartment be vacated immediately upon immediate termination of the contract and expulsion from the property without any right to claim compensation for the rental and loss of the deposit.



HoHomes reserves the right to enter at the property at reasonable times and with reasonable advance notice for the purposes of inspecting the property, and reserves the right to enter immediately with the purpose of resolving any noise complaint, disturbance or antisocial behavior that has been seen by us or reported to us by any neighbor. HoHomes reserves the right to immediately remove from the property any person perpetrating antisocial behaviour and/or if has a reasonable belief that there is an imminent danger to any person or the property, or the undisturbed and peaceful cohabitation with other residents in the Building is being put at risk.


By booking on this website, the client and those accompanying him or her undertake to make appropriate use of the rented apartment; in all cases HoHomes is exempt from any liability for damages that may be caused by this use, and the client is responsible for any damage caused in the apartment or to any other properties and/or persons during his/her stay.

11. PETS

It is not allowed to keep any animals, reptiles, insects, rodents or birds at the Property. For the avoidance of doubt, this clause does not apply in connection with registered guide and assistance dogs. Any pet (where permitted exclusively through written permission) will be kept under supervision and control to ensure that it does not cause deterioration in the Property, deterioration in the condition of the Building, its common areas or nuisance either to neighbours or persons in the locality of the Building. If you fail to exert reasonable supervision and control, we shall be entitled to withdraw our consent and require immediate removal of the pet. You will be liable for reasonable costs and expenses incurred by us in replacing and/or reinstating the Building and its Contents owing to any damage or soiling to the Building and Contents caused by the pet including and not limited to disinfection where required.



The LESSEE agrees to allow HoHomes access to the property or access to third parties to repair damages, inspect the property, or when necessary due to force majeure. HoHomes undertakes to give prior written notice in reasonable time through the contact details facilitated upon reservation and/or check-in.


The LESSEE agrees not to leave the property unoccupied for any period without blocking and securing (and double-locking) all doors, windows or any other ways of entry to the property and also, if available, they will always connect the alarm when leaving the property.


13.1 THEFT

HoHomes and/or the Owner will not be responsible for the loss of personal items of the tenant due to theft, this contract does not include any type of insurance for the loss or theft of items of the TENANTS. If the TENANT wishes to be insured, it is recommended that he/she contracts its own theft travel insurance according to his/her own coverage preferences and conditions.

In case of theft:


If the property was not closed properly and the alarm (if available) connected, the LESSEE will cover with the deposit and any furtherly required means all damages caused to the accommodation due to theft.



Furthermore, the LESSEE and all occupants commit to not bring into the Building any furniture, or electrical equipment or other items which might be a hazard or cause damage or injury to the Property or to other occupants in the Building, including but not limited to, fire risk and hazardous or toxic chemicals.



The tenants undertake to not introduce into the Building any dangerous or flammable goods, materials, or substances, apart from those required for reasonable, general household use. It is prohibited to store any heating fuel, paraffin or bottled gas or other gaseous fuel.




When leaving the property, in order to take reasonable care of the natural environment, the LESSEE also commits to:


  • Close all Lights

  • Close all Air Conditioning Units and Central Heating

  • Turn off any appliances (e.g., oven, stoves, fans, TV)

  • Turn off any running water taps


If any disproportionate meter readings to reasonable or average utilities consumption is found, the additional cost will be charged from the deposit, or further demanded to be paid by other means if this does not cover all incurred additional utilities costs.

15. KEYS

At the end of the rental period, the tenant must leave the keys to the property where she/he has been indicated and will close all doors and windows before leaving.

Two or more bedroom units will have two or more sets of keys.

In case of loss of:

– Remote control, magnetic card, or physical keys, HoHomes will notify the LESSEE a maximum of 24 hours after his departure of the lack of a key and the corresponding amount will be collected from the deposit.

Forgetting keys inside the accommodation:

– If the LESSEE forgets the key in place inside the apartment’s lock, the LESSEE has to pay the locksmith’s expenses for the recovery of the keys and, where appropriate, replacement of the lock.



Cancellation by HoHomes:

In case of cancellation of the reservation by HoHomes, we will be obliged to return the full amount paid by the LESSEE up to that moment. In addition, HoHomes will do everything possible to relocate the LESSEE in an accommodation of the same or similar characteristics.


Cancellation by the LESSEE:

The rent payments made by the LESSEE are refundable depending on the time of request for a refund.

If the LESSEE cancels his/her reservation, in writing, at least sixty (60) days before his/her arrival, the payment of 50% of the total amount of the rental in concept of reservation will be refunded.

If the LESSEE cancels his reservation less than sixty (60) days before his/her arrival, the cancellation charge will be the 50% of the total amount of rent paid in concept of reservation, and will not be refunded.

If the LESSEE cancels the reservation before entering the accommodation, the payments made as deposit and cleaning will always be returned.

If the LESSEE cancels while at the Property, the payments for rent and cleaning will not be refundable and the deposit will be returned after corresponding damage checks.

E-mail for cancellations:




Booking an apartment with HoHomes constitutes the acceptance of these terms and conditions, as well as the jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of Barcelona.




Please, read our privacy policy on this page.

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